A Text I Just Received

I am growing really sick of your vague messages and half conversations and extremist attitude.

Lesson Learned: Don't include people, carbon copy to your Twitter posting unless you're really talking to them.

What a day. I learned our Conference in Houston went really well, they gave me a list of 16 things to take care of (whee) and implicit in all of that was that they'll pay. I will work out a new set of invoices and then get to work tomorrow on that. Got some checks in today. Starting to move.

I am stalling getting a road bike mostly because my new GT kicks serious ass and we've been mountain biking hard every day for the past four days. We have this place with serious hills, you can pull ten feet of air without even trying. Most I've got is about 6. One kid out there on a BMX can tabletop twelve feet up and eighteen feet across from hill to hill.

In other news, my daughter and I fought like cats and dogs yesterday - she was trying to force me to set an alarm for her and I said "I choose not to". So she said, I'm going to refuse to go to sleep, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that. She shouted in the middle of the night. Yes, pre-teens can throw a temper tantrum. And then she said .."All you have to do is just set this alarm for me". And it will all be over.

I started Naqoyqatsi last night - life as war - really killer film. For some reason it seemed fitting that my wife called, and as usual these days she's full of vitriol.. I watched the film, nodded my head and listened to her - it was strangely fitting. She fought against the death of my mother in law, even though it was a fatal , incurable disease. She fights. For her, Life is War.

So that brings me to now. First time back in the office today. No doubt six forty unsolicited mail waiting for me. A lot to do. Today's the quiet before the storm. Tomorrow is when it really happens.

If you get a chance, look up at the sky tonight. There is a strong meteor shower going on. It will seem to come from the constellation Perseus, and strongest from Midnight to dawn.

UPDATE: Just got word that the first preproduction Volts rolled off the line, seeing as how the Tesla has already missed their first delivery date and my waiting list entry is set for 2012 I might hop into one of these, they'll be out next year. 230 MPG... Not bad..