Know What I Love about LA?

People don't date. They just fuck each other
it isn't even limited to their relationships
business, life, even the air they breathe
its like one giant drag of a cigarette

Its like the moment we first told a lie
For me, to my mom
So cool, breathing
pretending to fill my lungs
with marlboro man nicotine
tar coating alveoli
like the LA basin in the aftersun
and that line it makes on the top of the buildings

And then my mom came along
and promised me my very own
solid gold lighter
If I could smoke just one
seven years old
lesson learned

I remember LA
from Mulholland
I saw the tan layer of poison
floating above the town
I remember my uncle telling me at Spagos
Earthquakes, are Democracy
And I thought
Sure as hell would
become a jumping jennifer
Yes, he was right
You and I
Val or Social,Cool or Clown
all the same when the window blows out
from a six five on the richter
I know this for sure
because it shattered the window near our table
at Jerry's Delicatassen
And the glass shined like diamonds
on the floor

Know what I love about LA? One way or another
Everyone lives each day knowing
it could be their last
And still they are growing
Each moment
or made

LA is about
latina hotness and the out of work actress
and coming home to your wifeness
getting what you give
giving what you take
Waking up each morning to seize the day
LA is about America
Once it was Films, Now its Video Games
LA is the birthplace of the Tesla
and the modern Automobile
I want one so bad, I can feel
She doesn't care if I make puppy dog eyes
And the lights of LA County?

They shine like diamonds in the sky