How to Use Distortion

Especially at town halls, where the purpose is to talk things out. The key is to remove the chance for simple discussion. All you have to do, is use some social networking - and add in a little canned fun for them - maybe, a free ride on your propaganda train. Then ship them anywhere you like. In this case, they're being shipped from all the way across the state to a rally in a single district.

Then make sure you cut the lines of communication. Shout down the main speaker, or find some fault in him or her that demonizes them. You need to have the guy up there in front of everyone, whose purpose is to set an even agenda for discussion - be pushed away from facts and towards interpretation of the facts. For example, don't discuss the topic .. " What is the problem".. discuss the topic.. "Who is the problem". In the clip below, the person who's talking about Medicare brings up the point that theres a budget shortfall coming out of the Bush Administration's treatment of it for the last eight years - and reflecting the fact that the huge percentage of medical expense comes from the elderly and infirm (at medicare) although the government has somehow managed not to strafe people for the premiums and keep the thing going. Unlike private insurance. There is no discussion in this forum, of what would be the alternative for an elderly person - in terms of premium, and benefit - only a voiced concern.. "who is the expert?"

Its a stretch to say these people are being paid to do this, if they were - they'd hide their finances well. Its more likely that they're just being motivated by social networks in play from the manglers who want to keep the change coming - at bay. And they're definitely coming from quite a ways away to talk to their "local congressman". I noticed that at my last rally. We are a metropolitan area, but the people protesting against Healthcare were most definitely rural.

Fortunately, there were more of us than there were of them. I think sometimes, its not a good thing to tell your support to show up and be hopelessly outnumbered, out of town, maybe even out of state. It makes you look bad.

But it definitely distorts the picture. The louder you are, the more likely you'll get picked up by news media entertainment so you can feed the 24 hour news cycle.

And then if you're lucky they'll have two talking heads come to the table, and the "mediator" will put a fact on the table and they'll both just sit and argue about it instead of leaving it as a fact. FACT: 76% of all Americans want National Health.