7:30 3/09/10 - A Big Day for My Daughter

Single Dad just successfully managed a key moment in his daughter's life. He did so by having a female on speed dial - and was ready to get to the store for a totally new category of feminine supplies that a 12, soon to be 13 year old girl .. or is it young lady? Now requires.

I managed this by getting out of the room. Fast.

Grandma will be notified in .001 seconds thanks to the female communications network. I picked up on this issue a while back. Some things a single dad doesn't take care of. This is one.

I am currently being advised on instant messenger exactly what category of supplies I am supposed to get for this new night. And then, I am out of the game.

I consider this a kind of victory. My daughter has a positive outlook on this whole thing. Nobody brought up any concept of a curse from god or some kind of female problem that will get you barred from entry into a Hindu temple or anything lame. Just. A biological event that really holds alot of significance for her and for other females in her life.

And one in which Dad should play not so large a role. I'm on my mountain bike to get the things she needs then after that I am pretty sure she will shop for them herself. This is a big day for her.

I hope I did this right.