A Man. A Woman. And Bias.

In our court system today there is a very real bias against fathers. over 95 percent of all custody decisions are decided for the mother.

In Tennessee, a new bill was introduced that provides for automatic joint custody in the event of a vituperative and highly contested divorce. In California, on a separate side of the coin - the house bill AB 612 was introduced to try to ensure that no divorce case could discuss parental alienation - the aftereffect of which can be felt by the child after losing a parent - in any case regarding the welfare of the child. Fathers commonly get one day in five with their children after cases are settled - the Tenn. law would give them one in two. And the California law would make sure that no one could talk about the fact that the child would miss their dad.

Reese Hopkins, a Boston man - is being held in prison for the rape of an 11 year old girl. The court system, and the DA have offered him a deal where he is released for time served. But he has refused. Why is Hopkins held?

He is being held - by the testimony of his ex-fiancee - who broke up with him then filed a case against him, claiming he raped an 11 year old girl that was her friend. The testimony of a man against a woman.

But the evidence tells a different story. Sworn affidavits that the apartment in which the rape was to have occurred - was locked, and vacated - the landlord preparing it to be shown - in fact both he and his Fiancee had been out of that Apartment for over a month during the 30 day period in which the event(s) were to have occurred. Bank statements and transactions showing Hopkins in Connecticut at the time of the supposed rape(s). The child that supposedly got hurt , not even missing a day at school. No rape kit. No physical evidence.

A plea deal where the rapist of an 11 year old girl gets only a few months - isn't a plea deal - its a desperate attempt by the DA to bury this case. This is a case of bias.

I wrote this post while I was in IM with someone -I just wanted to be clear- I am a person that will all too willingly track down a monster that would do this to a young girl - and deliver him into irons. I have in fact, done so before - once for a friend and once again. If the evidence is there. Hell cannot find a hot enough place for these people.

I do not know if Hopkins is innocent. But it seems to me that the only reason this guy is in prison - and has been for two months - is that he is the victim of an accusation of a woman against a man. This is the 21st century - perhaps women are now capable of something other than the demure role that American law reserves for them. The fact that the National Organization for Women is desperately trying to keep the discussion of even the possibility that a woman would verbally abuse, or subject her children to parental alienation - is evidence enough that there is a bias they wish preserved. Get a divorce. And she gets the kids. Does this seem fair? Or maybe she comes up with some kind of wild accusation just because she's pissed off at you. And the court system believes her.

But hey. I guess thats something another blog would cover. After all, there is no possible way I can put a picture of Bettie Page into this post. So. Anyway. Live to fight another day. Back to work.