One Night Against the Rail

So for the first time in quite a while I shook off the standard dinner and a movie and we had a dinner at home. We came back from the library. Then we made homemade butter (you just get heavy cream and then shake it up for 7 minutes - form it into a brick - its alot of fun) and homemade dried fruit snacks (el cheapo pineapples and a dehydrator) and I fixed my sons shoes and my daughter wondered what book I got her from the library.

I made sure she couldn't see it. It was such a special book. She followed me to the librarian to try to find out what it was - but I asked the librarian to treat one book very carefully since my daughter wanted to see which one it was. The librarian wrapped it in a black bag.

Then I hid it.. I think she heard where I might have placed it. Don't get me wrong, colorless readers. I'm still fucked up as a person.

Which might explain why my son and I - out of earshot of little ms. princess - have now definitively resolved a serious issue. Blonde, dark haired or redhead - dark haired women are definitely the best.


Note: The dehydrator worked great. We have tasty dried mangoes and pineapple slices mm.. I think I am going to leave work early today..

Lets see. If I roll past the door of the secretary in the front office - hit the wall... stay close to the wall around the corner....