Night of the Cat Dump

How often is it that the cats will dump such a big poo that you have to flush three effing times before it goes down.

Right Mr. Dumper himself is calling to be let in. I will go and let him in. This will teach him that he can meow to go in and out.

But not a single peep from those guys last night, all three of them. And when I came into my office three gigantic, steaming piles of cat dirt were waiting for me here under my desk.

I don't do the cat litter thing - but on rainy days you really have to watch them because their aversion to water keeps them inside. They waited for hours until I was asleep then they all three dropped a bomb on my office.

So. I'm going to let them in. But. They're going to stay outside the rest of the day. And be fed outside. Even if its a light rain. They're just going to have to deal. I have better things to do.

P.S. What is it about cat feces that can actually turn a telephone cable black?


Anonymous said…
Wow what an exciting blog post. Not.