Happy National Abortion Provider Day

Today is National Abortion Provider Day - a day in which doctors, nurses and those who work in the field - can be thanked and appreciated.

Today's a day where - if you know of a clinic somewhere, drop a box of cookies by - or flowers. Something nice.

The people who do this work are people. They make choice a reality - and the wealth of pregnancy options out there that can be chosen from - exist because there are competent, trained medical professionals.

If you happen to be one of my friends that is vehemently anti-abortion, great! Go to an abortion clinic, and bring the people who work there a gift. If you happen to be one of my friends who might be for reproductive choice, fine! Send those guys a card - do something nice for them.

Abortion won't end as a result of public debate anyway. All that will happen there is people will jump up and down and try to get at moral issues that really should be the domain of the living church. One day a church will come where faith and hope and love will be alive. But for now, hey - I know you have strong feelings about this. So. I want to tell you something.

I exist due to my mother's informed choice about whether or not she would carry a pregnancy to term. My mother was very young. She got simple advice, she made her choice and 9 months later I was born. I do not know for certain that she went into a clinic. I do know that my grandfather wanted her to go to one. As young as she was, I cannot imagine that she didn't go to an Abortion Provider to discuss terminating her pregnancy - and to be honest, I am fairly certain she will never tell me - but it doesn't matter.

A woman may go into a clinic somewhere with questions about whether or not to terminate a pregnancy. Because there was a well trained, competent and caring medical professional - someone who not only listened to my mother - but also made absolutely sure that she knew whatever choice she would make - would be safe for her - I was born.

These clinics are where life and death decisions are made - and the people who work there deserve the lurve! And you know, like the Rabbi Nachtner says - helping people? Can't hurt.