Life on an Island

The dream was intricate
a dock
a model T
stolen money from a monopoly game
I awoke with a black cat upon my shoulder
her cool breath against my neck
memories of the wood and teak
on the floorboard
a getaway car
the tropical island breeze
blowing through the mountain trees
shaking the sleep from my head
and holding her
pressed against my neck
she places her paw on my arm
time to get up

My daughter's green screen is dry
the flat bright paint matte finished
my son tells me he's already eaten breakfast
Today is a day for kicking ass

I teach him how to hack
break a password
important things he will need to know for life
just he and I
El dijo que te ama

It will not rain today
and the trees will reach for the sun
Colorless reader
here is what will be done

I will find a stud in the wall
and drill it
until the mounting bracket can hold the weight of a man
I will fix the art room
and bolt the exhaust
of the dryer until it vents to the outside without tape
I will run up the mountain
until I can hear the voice of god again
and then see how much farther I can run beyond
the inevitable feeling of tearing at my flesh
and things coughed up from your lungs
and then the quiet water beyond
And then the kids will go on their own
away for the night
and I will come back home and paint their room
and fix things that have long been broken
and take a shower

At that point no one will be around
and I will do some hacking of my own
old bugs that need to die
things that need to get done
I will kill them all
then step on their dead neck
twist their head once hard
and make sure they are fallen

They will not fall easily
but you never know

If the bugs put up a good fight
then at five I will have to leave to begin the night
but if not
I will play golf

I will hit them long and straight
I plan to fuck with my swing
Which means this will be a goal more than a date
with that big tree
at the end of the driving range
Or maybe I am just going to dial in
that guy on the tractor in the cage
Hey, it wasn't me
it was him

Then into the car I go
and put on the suit
for what they have in mind tonight
I have no clue
but my job is to make a perfect score
and thats what I'm gonna do

And then if they let me out before midnight
I'm going to kick the engine
and gun it to a place
across the bay
where she lives in a bungalow
painted with roses and thorn
and she will bring out a board
and memories of candles and incense
and all of these things
should fade as we scene
from the last frame
of Napoleon Dynamite
playing tetherball
and the candles blown out
I will land at my own bed alone
and my black cat will climb upon my chest
and cat-sleep
springs from the fog
T.S. Eliot is listening to his ipod
as I drop
the plane above
twin engine / bettie on the nose
the island
coming up from below

miss christina drives a 944. satisfaction oozes from her pores. keeps cocaine in her dresser. bars on her door


Nikki said…
Ever see the movie "Stealing Beauty"? If you haven't you should, good movie.