My Mistress

Hi. I'm turnerbroadcasting's mistress. Let's talk about sex.

He never seems to stop. He is just insatiable. Sometimes, he takes me out for dinner and he treats me like a queen. But as soon as the lights are out in the home! Honey Let me Tell you!

What's he like? Well. He's rough. And he likes to use me as his tool. This kind of turns me on, to tell the truth. I love it when he enters me. I almost instinctively clench around him. Bucking him to ecstacy.

But somehow I always seem to throw up at the end... I'm not sure why this is...

Of course, we have an open relationship. Thats what he wants. Not me. I want to be with him all the time. I think I caught him one time with that bitch - the right hand. I don't know what he sees in her. Every time he's off with her I'm always the one on the mouse.. it's not fair. I do the housekeeping and the chores, and she gets all the fun.

I've talked to him about settling down. But he won't listen. And then he takes me into the shower. And he lathers me up. And its just like old times. And oh God I feel so alive and clean and , you know - I just forgive him. I think his wife suspects something.


Anonymous said…
Throw up? Yeah that sounds about right.....bruises have healed finally, thankfully...that lifes not for me....goodbye
Oh well there's always the right hand.