What Year is This?

There is a certain compatibility to the Chinese zodiac - a way in which whatever is written seems to be true. An acquaintance, Rob Brezny - would often write horoscopes in such a way that the person under the sign it was written for would often be directed to a greater sense of responsibility for themselves. It was as if his writing was a kind of mirror , in which what you saw was yourself looking back at you - only he would modify the mirror slightly so that it was fun to think of what you needed to do. Whatever could be said of Rob, his writing was almost always a hall of mirrors. He's a fun person to be around. Sometimes when he puts on the big Amphibian head and wears it around, he's even more fun. What time is it , boys and girls?

My birth sign seems to be pulling up aces this year - I'm supposed to meet love but I need to keep an open mind and not be argumentative or stubborn so that I can hear and feel what's going on around me. This year holds alot of promise - I believe -for people like me, regardless of their birth year - primarily because the world was beaten up fairly severely under the Bush Administration - and its recovery will come largely from people who can build new wealth , see things that were not there - and find new ways to become strong. The prototype and design people of the world are going to do ok.

And the economy will recover. For me, I see America as holding its breath on a few key points - Healthcare Reform was one. The vested and special interests working hard to keep change from happening - and finally - finding their way to defeat. A convincing defeat.

My main goal for the year is to bring into my life a person that I can love and care for - I have an old Volvo but it's just not the same. My second goal is financial. And my third goal is related to health. Run the iron man.

But being who I am - the secret is that I start numbering from Zero. And goal zero is my research. America is not unlike a stroke survivor - its financial networks like nerve systems - shattered and unresponsive. And like a stroke survivor it can and will recover completely - as strong or even more so. This is a part of my research - my interest in speech genesis, neuroplastic recovery and - as a man - to see triumph of the will. America , today - will become a beacon of democracy again. The year is 2010. My kids are sharp and I am looking forward to the report card I am going to see from Congress today - and from my kids, a week from now. My daughter will play the Cello again. And we went bowling today - and had a good time. My son is growing strong.

Somewhere in the next few years I'll be able to go sic' em on the girls.