Triple X

It was a brief, brilliant miracle
that burned itself up just to make itself alive
and I caught you then
in your moment of glory
your last climactic scene
against the dark blue stage of night
nothing held back nothing given no motion wasted
filmed against the desert ground

We couldn't take our eyes off you
The sun winding its course half run
And the days and nights started whipping by
until the sky was gray from the matrix they created
the eyes in our head
watching the world spin round
faster and faster moshing the hydrogen line
to detonate in the final scene against your back
close up of thick rope
shooting into the air and landing warm
and the sun went down for the last time
landing , it burned and made soft
the thin skin in which we live and breathe

The sky grew dark before you arrived
like lucifer's hammer
Queen of the night and night to day
You made all our lives worth living
You blew us all away
I remember the expression
on your face
kind of like a snarl
through clenched teeth

I remember watching you catch your breath
I could not tell if it was pleasure
I remember not caring
I remember you screamed his name

And no regret
Sitting here following through your past
knowing you got cash for it all
feeling the loss of sun
my hand wandered
tracing against skin
the outline of your scar

Like cool gunmetal
I take your ugly
storing the memory
teaching me that I am not a freak
thank you lady ga ga

The memory alive
Tomorrow I can start again
Back to work
And carry on
The same as I did yesterday
Maybe a little different
I bite my tongue
every time you come around

I run to ground
And earn the right to my silence