Before I turn my focus to Bettie Page..

.. Shine it. I'm turning my focus to Bettie Page. As a scientist, I am devoted to discovering the true nature of things - the fact that images of Bettie have been associated with increased heart rate, sharper focus, and stronger metabolism in males of the species - must be discovered to its origin. This is serious work. It will require very careful study of these photos below. More data points here would help as well. If anyone knows what happened to some of the 70% of her work that was destroyed in a fire - supposedly - please post it to the internet. We need to get a statistically significant sample of her work. All in the name of .. science... of course.. Now. There are those out there that will say 'She's a Bondage Princess, not a Goddess'. What's the difference? Perhaps the answer is not so obvious. I recommend careful study of the above images, suitable for archival storage and careful indexing on your computerized data storage devices. I for one, know that my research plan is laid out. And now I leave you to your own devices (and what wonderful devices they are)

Surgeon General's Warning: Looking at Pictures of Bettie Page may cause rapid beard growth. Do NOT OPERATE HEAVY MACHINERY unless you have a picture of her taped to the window. DO NOT FLY AIRCRAFT save if your Airplane has her image strongly incorporated on the nose. Images of Bettie Page have been linked to increased fertility and heart rate and may be associated with strong desire to cause pregnancy or engage in unprotected sex. Right now.


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