HCR to GOP: War is Hell

The GOP installed themselves as a paid retinue of professional vacation-going men and women, averaging salaries above 60,000.00 a year - to be paid to do absolutely nothing. They attempted a full body-block of some of the most desired and closely watched legislation in the history of the United States of America. Why?

The Republican party has become an anachronism. Their most fervent desires are meaningless now to the American public. Their candidates are left by the wayside on election day. Even the most visible sign of a Republican Victory - the Election of Scott Brown - was a pyrrhic victory: Scott Brown is lined up and voting with the Democratic party.

Which is not to say the Democratic party has presented itself as a real alternative to the kind of ineffecient, pandering, lobbyist-oriented governance that has infected our country for nearly 30 years. Far from it.

But the Republican party sought to block healthcare reform - and they failed. The votes are now in, and especially with the addition of a politically brilliant bill proposed on the House Floor yesterday by Alan Grayson - a bill which simply removes the age requirement to apply for medicare, and allows all American citizens to be able to apply for medicare and pay cash to go into the program. This effectively creates the National Health Service that is crucial to the growth of our country. To gauge the kind of support this bill is rapidly gaining - simply ask yourself - which statesman, and in what constituency - could run, right now - on the platform of abolishing Medicare?

Health Care Reform's passage was full-on war. We would like to believe the Lobbyists spent all their money on the Republican Party, and truth be told - they spent alot. But they spent more on the Democratic Party. The consequences of the GOP's failed attempt to halt public will and supplant lobbyism for governance does not remove the lobbyist's stranglehold on power.

However, surprisingly - the lobbyist's first move after the huge loss that they will deal to the GOP - will paradoxically be, to be prop them up. Their support is highly toxic. Like using a gun that jams during a fight - the GOP has been dealt a major blow. The toxic support of lobbyism will spread wherever it is not contained.

And that is exactly what will destroy whatever is left. The GOP, who oversaw the largest spending increase in the history of the USA under the Bush administration - then went to Washington and did absolutely nothing and got paid for it, for nearly two years. Will realize what War is Hell, truly means. Thanks to the lobbyists, they won't likely stand on scorched earth - and not because of the support to their party but from the support across the aisle. Democrats will be paid to look the other way - and wherever possible not deal the death blow. The GOP, however, is in a state where it really should die. It has no leadership. Its principles are deeply compromised. It is disconnected from its constituency. As the saying goes, you can't put lipstick on a pig.

Or maybe you really just don't want to. I am not that kinky. Yet. I think I will have to graduate from retro internet porn first. Those images were, uh, for .. historical reasons. Of course.

To have the GOP survive this latest humiliating defeat, is in itself - for this writer - a defeat for the forces of conservatism - forces that are both immediately required in our country - and entirely welcome in governance. Lobbyists will attempt to prop the GOP up like a zombie - their multimillion dollar machine will try to salvage a fake opposition so that they can continue to try to influence the democratic party without real interference from an insurgent party that would capture the imagination of the Indepedents.

However, self identified independent voters in America now outnumber every other self identified voter two to one. There are 66% more independent leaning voters in Massachusetts than there were five years ago. A new political party that would arise from the ashes of the GOP would sweep our country and their candidate into power.

Healthcare reform will be a defining moment for our country: with it, will come the realization that disintermediation is the way to go for all parties and the party that stands against it hasn't a chance in hell.

Think about Alan Grayson's healthcare reform idea - a four page bill you can read on the internet. That has simple, immediate consequences that 72% of all Americans really want. You can read it online. Post to his campaign. And then go about your daily work.

Pretty cool, even for a democrat.


Anonymous said…
Yeah the republicans are definite lamers.