What I Know About Myself, from Taking a Nap

I had to work late last night and in general my schedule revolves around the kids - normally I get them off to school at around six or seven then rush home to try to meet them around 4 as they return from school.

Today as things would happen I laid down for a nap. I think I've learned something about myself from this. When I laid down, the thing that relaxed me the most was to hum a few bars of 'Telephone' by Lady GaGa. And I was thinking while I was laying down. How is it that Lady GaGa calms me down?

I only laid down because I was waiting on a conference call. And the whole time I was laying in bed I was trying to figure out why I was musing on Lady GaGa

I dreamed almost nothing. I heard everything going on- I was perfectly relaxed. The kids were playing downstairs. I woke up stronger and feeling alot better. I guess I learned that when I have to be awake, I am. I wouldn't leave the kids unattended.

Cool. I plan to get into this nap thing next weekend.