Vanilla Sex

Lys said
Let us bind ourselves to this high purpose
with a rope of words that nothing can loosen
Goddess of persuasion
Queen of love
Receive this sacrifice

However the heart might ache for love
no matter the significant other
aflame with desire
or Sexting from out of nowhere
Be aloof , cool alluring innocence
Amorous, perfumed and dressed
so that one might melt in hot embrace

It's kind of a turn on
not to always be in control
to be used as a tool
she said

Then he surfed to wikipedia just for kicks
and typed in the phrase 'vanilla sex'
and found that someone edited the page that said
The partner that does not enjoy this kind of sex
is referred to as vanilla

He changed the phrase "does not"
to "does"
then made his way to work


Anonymous said…
I think this is pretty good work. There is alot here I like. I come back because this place defines eclectic. Keep up the good work