The Year of the Tiger

Secret Friend: Sheep
Allies: Dog, Tiger
Career: 3/4
Love :3/4

The Horse will enjoy a good year because it is in union with the Grand Duke Jupiter. The fantastic combination of faavorable stars will help to ease away troubles caused by the inauspicious stars in your life palace. You will see a good year in terms of fame, power, love and wealth altogether, but coupled with a number of quarrelings, dipsutes, lawsuits and emotional entanglements. Abundance opportunities are in store for you in your career, which could lead to powerful recognition.

Sighting your auspicious San Tai star (three star combination and Jiang Xing star (General) will imply enhanced working status and authority. The first one brings nobleman luck, while the second one indicates promotion. Your chances of enjoying higher income will be realized easily. The only drawback is the presence of the Wu Gui (Five Ghost) whic will bring you truobles and turbulences caused by backstabbers and gossipers. They exist in every corner of your surrounding this year to run your name down. Wealth is fantastic in terms of mainstream income because you are being blessed with a Jin Gui (Treasure Chest) this year. It means you will be able to snowball your wealth and save for the future. The White Tiger will bring the likelihood of injuries, bloodeshet and accidents. In general, your health will be at top condition being supported by the Tai Sui.

You will have excellent love relationship because of your union with the Tai Sui. Single Horses are likely to meet their lifelong partner. Control your temper and you should be able to maintain your love relationship well this year. Avoid being stubborn and quarrelsome which could jeopardize other aspects of your life. This is an important year for success and you cannot afford to miss it, else your life could be difficult in the future.


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