I'm Down With That

I just put my new down comforter on my bed and damned if its not. Good. 9 out of 10. This comforter has been a thing.

First, the bed is one place where there is no compromise. If it doesn't feel good we don't do it. We paid alot of money for this big heavy four poster bed. And I love it.

So the high thread count sheets are on, fine. But the comforter was a real problem. It just wasn't.. right. I took it off. The store would only give an exchange, which bummed me out because I just didn't see the one there that I liked. Finally I chose materials. There was a down comforter there. But it was a pale green. I hated the color. But I took it anyway.

Now this bothered me but I figured I could bleach the mother. Except. When I got home. Suddenly the down comforter had turned into a beautiful beige. And when we opened up the package, inside was a one-a-day energy vitamin package. What might have happened is someone did a return and they mispackaged it into the color I wanted.

The two new pillows I bought, didn't fit but as it turned out the two that I had bought before fit perfectly. And the old and lovable down comforter now sits on the foot of the bed where the cats will sleep in the sun.

I hung an old Ansel Adams portrait on the north wall - and a tapestry on the south wall.