A quote from Disraeli - Jan . 24, 1860

"How much easier it is to be critical than correct."

Harpers, 1874 - The first instance of the use of the elephant as a mascot of the soon to be defunct Republican party.

Rudolph Guiliani, a leading Republican Presidential Candidate for the election year 2008.

To be honest - the GOP seems to be little else other than a political sideshow. The modern republican party, after being almost destroyed by Nixon, resuscitated by the New York Neo Conservatives - lived for a brief while to its promise of lowering taxes - and then somehow morphed into this "values" party. The final deathblow delivered by the bush republicans - their ties to lobbyism too strong to break. The modern GOP stands for legislation like this to bring in their core constituency. Evangelical liberals. Any wonder now that there are new parties springing up all over? Extremism in the defense of liberty?

As I said earlier in "detailing my faults" my view of politics isn't that profound. I'm just another guy out there that wants to figure out what to do with my vote. Part of this is about me saving me money - I am not fooled by people who pass a tax cut then deregulate my natural gas the big corporate fat cats walk the price per therm up so that I'm paying 200 bucks more per month than I would have ever paid if they were still on the public service commission numbers.

Anyway. Whatever. Mazeltov for Passover!