How to Say Goodbye to a Friend

You never say goodbye
you might not be there
for them all the time
You just go away

Sometimes a friend
doesn't need you around
they have a life
they have a way of getting things done
its ok
the illusion doesn't matter
they expect you to take care of your own
whatever you do
be the best
and if he needs you
he will let you know

A friend that is a woman is a bit harder to define
because you always wondered
and maybe you had to bite down
and these are the friendships you have to cut away
the ones that grow into you
and for their absence leave you stronger
Just shut yourself down
And still somehow feel
it isn't always easy
to say goodbye to a friend
who is a beautiful woman
just say goodbye
and then do everything
any good man
would do
let it grow
but let it go

One day you might meet her in a store
maybe she married an architect
Say hello
and leave her laughing when you go


~N said…
Certainly glad we were never to become friends.....Very harsh guy. Take care of you. I am sure you will turn it around so I am the bad girl...haha