Toyota Prius Guy, Part Two

This is where it gets interesting. Let's suppose my previous post was correct, just for the fun of it - and Toyota Prius Guy was a liar.

Now, as someone who has hung out in the CL personals shooting darts into spamford just for kicks - I am beginning to wonder who would have gained the most from his deception. The answer may surprise you.

Toyota, in creating a diversion from the true story regarding their patently abusive business standards - would be the first guess. Here's how it works. Toyota finds a way to get Toyota Prius Guy on the take, so that made-for-tv-news-media-entertainment-24-hour-news-cycle happens at precisely the right moment for the world to be temporarily outraged by their company's horrible untruth. Justifiable anger is sent Toyota's way - and they coordinate to a 'thanks for sticking with us' mass media campaign.

But as the 15 second attention span of the average viewer (and well he or she should have a 15 second attention span - else suffer from information overload) - fades suddenly a greater scandal arises. Yes, the answer to balloon boy. At long last.

And who is the victim? Toyota. Name cleared. Public confidence restored. Shareholder value rises.

Off to go skateboarding. Peace. yes, natasha Turner Singh still exists. Natasha. Huntress.